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Mindful Living. A weekend course for one or two days with Ondy Willson

For Continuing Personal and Professional Development
Living mindfully is a way of being that decreases anxieties and worries and strengthens our ability to develop self- esteem and confidence that can be developed and practised in every situation.
If we are living authentically, we are not trying to be something, we just are. That is true for the professional in the workplace, the individual at home, with or without family or friends. Relationships are relationships regardless of where they take place.

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Mindful Living in The Netherlands

How to practise mindfulness amidst the madness - With Ondy Willson

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Newsletter Summer 2015

Our Summer 2015 Newsletter is now available to read..

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Blog Post - Enjoy your flight

Regardless of our existential beliefs I think it is widely acceptable to propose that we are all on some form of journey. This could be simply to end up in a wooden box, or it could be to become an eagle to soar Mt Everest., or perhaps to come back as Brad and Angelina’s love child.  Whatever floats our boat…it is fair to say we are all shaped by our own trajectories and have no proof of where we will end up.

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Current Retreats with Ondy Willson

Maintaining good leadership skills includes taking time out of a busy schedule to check up on our mental and emotional wellbeing through structured mindfulness meditation, silent reflection and focused thinking.

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