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Wellseeing Moscow

Wellseeing Moscow was established in May 2015. Certified Wellseeing Trainer, Daria Sviridova, is based in Moscow and completed her training in April 2015. She is an experienced practitioner and has a solid business background.

Daria Sviridova, Lead Trainer in Russia
Daria Sviridova is a certified Wellseing trainer. She is a psychotherapist and an expert in staff management. For many years Daria worked in the management of large digital-segment companies, including the Artery Lebedev Design Studio and SKCG. As a therapist, she has worked with both individuals and groups, using the narrative therapy and EMDR methods. In 2015 Daria completed a year-long Wellseeing mindfulness trainer programme. She also has many years of personal experience in meditation and mindfulness and has studied with leading experts in these fields.