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Mohamed Ali Alasow, PSS. The Leadership Programme

The course was excellent and it had a positive impact on me. I learned new and useful things.

Peter Wilcox, PSS. The Leadership Programme

This course has been fantastic. I have found it both enjoyable and enlightening, helping me to fine tune certain aspects of my behaviour and emotional self-control. Sceptical at first, but that scepticism soon gave way to intrigue and then to a noticeable positive impact. I thought it was wonderful, and the delivery, the style of presentation and the openness from Ondy was a real catalyst for us all to open up and make the most of the experience. Perfectly pitched! Thank you.

Jayne Gibson, PSS. The Leadership Programme

This has been the most worthwhile learning experience I have had. I can honestly say that this has changed my approach, attitude and perspective both personally and professionally. I think Ondy has a wonderful gift of explaining something which is a completely new and meaningful concept in terms that people can relate to and take forward.

Ann Watson, PSS. The Leadership Programme

Just brilliant. I can now move forward with this new learning to develop myself and team for a better understanding of people and how to have better work relationships.

Tom Murphy, PSS. The Leadership Programme

The whole programme has had a massive impact on the way I perceive the world, think and act, both in my professional and personal life. Thank you for your positive influence.

Sarah Hughes, PSS. The Leadership Programme

I was very unsure at first, but now fully understand. It has enabled me to look at myself honestly and identify weaknesses in a positive and constructive way. Great course.I found it well paced and organised. Ondy was very supportive and thoughtful to the needs of all individuals, very approachable and kind.

Donald Macleod,PSS. The Leadership Programme

This course has given me the knowledge that I am in control of my own self worth and the ability to change it.

Rebecca Steen, PSS. The Leadership Programme

Life changing. Totally amazing. Thank you so much!

Vanessa Perry, PSS. The Leadership Programme

This course has changed my life and will change so many peoples lives who are in my life!This is the greatest gift I have ever been given. Thank you for presenting me with this.

Rachael Stott, PSS. The Leadership Programme

This course has opened my eyes. Before it I knew deep down I had things about myself that I didn't like or wasn't comfortable with. This course has not only given me the tools to start making positive changes but it has made me realise that it's "ok" to have thoughts like this because we are a product of experience and habit. Basically, no-one had opened the door before so when I looked inside a lot of things made sense.
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