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What we do

Wellseeing offers experienced training that is sensitive to individual and group needs. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal, friendly and supportive with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is interactive with meditation sessions interspersed with theory and evaluation.

“Wellseeing Consultancy have developed a novel and robust teaching package for the delivery of mindfulness-based training in organisational settings. I was given the opportunity to review their teaching materials in the winter of 2013-14 when we explored the potential for joint work and found them to be interesting and relevant, and to encompass the key principles of mindfulness that have been shown in psychological studies to be effective in combating stress, low mood, and other problems. Ondy’s extensive personal practice will no doubt continue to ensure that teaching is rooted in experience, as well as helping students and clients to develop a theoretical understanding of mindfulness and related approaches.”

Dr Lee Hulbert-Williams, Chartered Psychologist, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Our Programmes

Example programme

The Mindfulness in Leadership Programme
Duration: 8 x half day (3hour) sessions plus 2 day residential – 40 hours. Exercises & practice between sessions.
Each half day session will cover the following topics and practices:

Mind & Mindfulness
Background & origins; benefits; misconceptions; starting to practise mindfulness

Living Mindfully
Developing living in the present: eating, walking, driving; awareness of others – moving from self-centredness to other-awareness; continuum of awareness; practices that increase presence in the moment; sensitivity to others

Mindful Emotions
Developing a non-reactive approach to emotional agitation; developing reflective skills that increase self-awareness and rational responses; identifying our emotional landscapes

Mindful Ethics
The place of others – society/media, relationships; the role of ethics in mindfulness practice

A Mindful Attitude
Developing the vigilant mind; mental self-discipline; handling the ego; response v reaction

Mindfulness Review
An opportunity to review the psychology of Mindfulness and assess its uses in our lives; taking mindful challenges and risks

Mindful Leadership/Followership
The impact of mindfulness on the workplace; how to maintain a mindfulness practice as a leader and promote mindfulness in the workplace; the qualities of mindful leadership/followership

Mindfulness & Wellbeing
Personal & professional self- health care; the holistic approach to well- being; mind & body interdependence; letting go & acceptance

The residential:
A personal development focus, utilising mindfulness meditations daily plus reflective sessions built on the above. The residential will offer delegates a unique opportunity for self- reflection. There will also be one to ones for individual tuition and consultation.

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

William James