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The foundation of every truly successful enterprise is its values and code of ethics. Mindfulness methods offer tools and techniques that groups and individuals can use to set off their own inner alarm systems when faced with difficult choices and ethical dilemmas. These programmes look at core values and belief systems in organisations and groups to create firm foundations for growth and creativity. They also offer on-going support systems within the organisation to deal with ethical issues and to support wholesome and beneficial growth and industry.

“What kind of a person, worker, and citizen do I want to be? A person with an ethical  mind asks, “If all workers in my profession…did what I do, what would the world be like?”

Howard Gardner (2006) Changing Minds (Leadership for the Common Good)


The Golden Rule

“Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself”

Found in all of the world’s ethical systems


The Training
In addressing a company’s ethical codes of practice, the programme considers

“Sadly, even if you grow up with a strong ethical sense, the bad behaviour of others can undermine it”                  

Howard Gardner