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Ondy Willson
Wellseeing Consultancy Founder

Ondy founded Wellseeing Consultancy in 2001. Since then she has been delivering bespoke programmes of personal and professional development across the public and private sectors. Her commitment to good psychology is based on her own training, for over 30 years, from experts in the field of meditation and mindfulness. She was Head of Belief, Philosophy and Ethics in a large comprehensive school, and contributed to primary and secondary school educational books on moral issues. She delivers Mind Training focusing on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Ethics both nationally and internationally. 

"Ondy’s techniques invest the individual and group with the power and self- knowledge to identify fundamental issues that hamper effective and productive relationships (and actions) in the work place and beyond. Not only does her work remove the shadows and filters of cynicism and negativity that have often become ingrained so that greater definition and clarity are achieved but, it also expands the horizons of what is possible.

The essence of Ondy’s work is to seek answers from the subjects’ own repertoire of emotion and experience so that solutions are authentic, far-reaching and sustainable. Ondy is a skilled practitioner; her style is unpretentious and modest yet, its effects are penetrating and challenging. Her dexterity, intuition and humour in guiding sessions, drawing from her considerable knowledge and experience, provide a learning opportunity in itself."

Wendy Ellis,
Principal, International School, Bratislava



Charlotte Elliott

Charlotte completed a year-long Wellseeing mindfulness trainer programme and became a certified trainer in 2015. She also helps coordinate the retreats and other training programmes.  She has led mindfulness meditation sessions for several years both here in the UK and in India, where she has worked in a meditation centre that offers intensive courses. Charlotte has been studying mindfulness and its psychology for her own personal development for many years, so is experienced in understanding the benefits of a mind training approach.  With a corporate background in training programme development and delivery, Charlotte’s passion is to work with Wellseeing clients to enhance the quality of their professional and personal lives, in the way it has enhanced her own.



Catherine Harrison

Catherine attended an eight week Wellseeing Mindful leadership programme and then went on to complete a year- long five module Train the Trainer programme with Ondy as part of an Innovative Management and Leadership Development initiative at Person Shaped Support (PSS), a national charitable organization  She worked at PSS as a Specialist Practitioner supporting people affected by drug and alcohol problems and set up a drop-in mindfulness group called Mindspace for parents and carers to meditate and learn how to become more mindful in their lives.  She then went on to run the introductory mindfulness courses in house for PSS and promote mindfulness throughout the organisation.   She has a degree in Applied Psychology and Criminal Justice and has undertaken counselling and life coach training for her own personal and professional development.  She encountered meditation and mindfulness practice 3 years ago when she began studying to become a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and now incorporates mindfulness into her weekly yoga classes to improve the wellbeing of her students.  Being a mother, Catherine sees the great benefit of being more ‘present’ in her parenting, in her son’s life and in developing the ability to handle pressure and juggle responsibilities and continues to develop her own mindfulness toolkit to ensure this.  She doesn’t want to miss a moment!